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How Much Does it Cost To Paint A Home Interior?

The average cost to paint a home interior in 2022 will differ based on the painting company you hire. On average, painting costs per square foot are equal to $2-$3, not including tax.

For example, painting an average home of 1500 square feet will average about $4,500-$5000 for interior painting.

The cost of the total project will be determined by many factors including: 

  • scope of project
  • quality desired
  • the precision of the service

For information on the cost of an average interior painting project, we ask that you call Droppy and his team of painters at Toronto Painters.


How Much Does it Cost To Paint A Home Exterior?

Exterior painting costs $3-$5 per square foot, depending on the size of the house and the quality of materials. 

You will also have to pay for labour. The cost of hiring out a crew to paint your home’s exterior depends on how large your house is, how much paint you want, and the quality of paint you select.



What Could Affect the Price Of A Paint Project?
  • Scope of the Job: the overall job size, the areas the require painting, how difficult it is to access the area that requires painting services, the amount of equipment necessary (i.e. scaffolding), will a ceiling have to be taped off, or if there is a lot of trimwork involved.
  • Number Of Paint Colours: If you keep the number of different paint colours between 2 and 4 you will not see an additional expense. 
  • Type of Paint: All paint types have their own associated costs. These costs vary depending on the brand of paint you use as well. 
  • Preparation Involved: It is important to have the room to be painted free of clutter. The more we must prepare each day, the longer the job will take. 
  • Schedule: If you require your painting to be done ASAP, that can sometimes affect the cost of labour. 
  • Special Materials Used: Some special materials are used in some cases to give a better finish or achieve a specific look. These include things like foam texture and special paint effects.
How Long Does it Take To Paint A House?

If you are looking to hire a professional painting company in Toronto to paint your home, expect it to take two qualified painting contractors 7-10 working hours to complete. 

Exterior painting jobs can take longer since an exterior paint job is much larger and would generally require 1 to 2 days to complete.


Will You Include the Materials and Paint?

Of course! We are a painting company, after all!

Our painting teams are fully equipped to tackle your next painting project. We will calculate and include the paint cost in our quote for you. Our painters will arrive on time and ready to work. We’ve got paint, rollers, brushes, ladders, masks, paint covers, scaffolding, and prep surfaces.

As we discuss your job with you, we will ask you what type of materials or paint you plan to use if you already have those materials and paint on hand. As a general rule, we stick with the following brands: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Scuff X, and Stix.



What Is Important When Hiring A Painting Company in Toronto?

Many people decide to turn to a professional paint company when they realize they may not have the skills to tackle a DIY paint project. That is why it is important to hire a paint company that does have the knowledge and skill to complete your painting project in a high-quality nature.

  • A professional paint company should have extensive experience in both interior and exterior projects.
  • Ensure your painter can offer you the suitable materials needed for your project and are efficient with their equipment and tools.
  • Ensure your painting offers a satisfaction guarantee or warranty claim as a way to know you have hired a reputable painting company in Toronto.

Eliminate any confusion so you can begin your home painting project in time.

Should I Move My Own Furniture Before The Painters Come?

We prefer that our painting clients take the time before our paint teams come in to remove any furniture or objects that they do not wish to be painted from the area. We can do this for you, but it will be at an additional charge and will also increase the time frame of your painting project.

We understand that sometimes it is impossible to move objects in advance of painting, such as large pieces of furniture and large appliances. If we face this situation, we will make every effort to protect it, as paint can damage objects that are not covered. Please ask to see samples of how we protect furniture and objects on your project and discuss any concerns you may have.

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John Stones

Toronto Painters did a great job with my garage door. Will definitely use again.

Carlos Rami

Toronto Painters did a great job completing an interior painting job for me. Great prices, and they were in and out in 1 day!

Ralph El Ammar

Toronto Painters were an excellent company to work with. They arrived on time and completed the painting project on time and on budget.

Adam Shearer

10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Ted Yuen

Toronto Painters did an excellent job resurfacing and painting my kitchen cabinets. My kitchen looks 10x better thanks to their work.

Marie Yun

Toronto painters were quick and polite. They did an excellent paint job on the exterior of my home.

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